Our Vision

APDS' vision is to break the cycle of incarceration.
To fulfill this vision, APDS is on a mission to prepare every justice-impacted individual for a living wage career.

Our Approach

APDS is the career-readiness platform for all justice-impacted individuals to attain a living wage career.
We do this by:

  • Enabling Access
  • Engaging and Educating
  • Equipping For A Career

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About Us

Founded in 2014, APDS’ mission is to prepare every justice-impacted individual for a living wage job. Through its career readiness platform, APDS has proven success through its “Whole Learner Framework” which is a proprietary curriculum delivering assessments and plans that motivate and engage to effectively educate and equip these individuals in their pursuit to empower themselves and strengthen society. APDS leverages innovative technology to create a managed learning environment that fosters growth and certifies career-readiness.

APDS is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) and certified B-Corporation, based on a philosophy that never charges incarcerated individuals or their friends and families for its technology or services. Currently, APDS products and services are deployed in hundreds of facilities across 17 states — and growing.

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Our Team

Best-in-Class Professionals
World Class Experts in EdTech, Corrections and Business Development


We’re Invested in Centering Lives with Careers
15% of our workforce at APDS is formerly incarcerated

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Featured Case Study

Massachusetts is currently the only state in the country that has committed to personalized education, workforce, and rehabilitation plans for each individual incarcerated in the state’s prisons.

Download the case study to read about how APDS helped MADOC administer the digital and infrastructure implementation required to bring this complex and monumental project to life.