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To amplify the impact of APDS’ strategic partners, we work to dramatically increase engagement rates of educational, personal, and career resources for justice-impacted individuals.

130% increase in GED pass rates

85% Pass Rate for learners earning their AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate

20% average increase in access to education and programs

Earned employer trust through APDS and industry certifications

Leading the Way

Success Stories

Educating & Equipping for Job Readiness with Amazon

The successful partnership of AWS / APDS / DC DOC is driven by mission and goal alignment, collaborative tech and curriculum integration, and a focus on employment with a commitment to interview.

Of participating students were pre-qualified and eligible for AWS Interviews
Of enrolled participants passed and received their AWS Cloud Computer Certification
10 Weeks
Length of AWS Cloud Computing Certification Class
20 States
States identified for potential rollout of AWS Certification as pilot next steps

Creating a Successful Education Technology Program with the Tennessee Workforce Board

APDS created a pilot education technology program with the Tennessee Workforce Board in 2021. Within a two year span this edtech program expanded from three counties to statewide.


With the help of the Tennessee Workforce Development Board this program expanded to  329 learners:

  • 17,000 + Hours Usage 
  • 2 hours per day on average


In 2022 a grant was awarded to expand the program to: 

  • 363 additional learners (cellular & wifi)
  • Across 17 additional Tennessee counties 

2023 and onward

APDS will provide 8,000 learners with edtech programs across all 95 Tennessee counties with statewide jail programs for the justice-involved on the pathway to employment.


This is a life-changing experience despite my current situation.

Receiving the AWS Cloud-Computing Certification means the most to me because it will open a new chapter in life that I would never have thought possible. Thank you, APDS

APDS Student, AWS Cloud-Computing Certified

District of Columbia

APDS understands the importance of education technology and corrections reform.

Their first-in-class curriculums are game changers. APDS changes lives with GED’s and Certifications to prepare incarcerated learners for a living wage career

Dr. Amy Lopez, Former Deputy Director

DC Department of Corrections

APDS has helped me find my motives, my strengths, and what I want to do in life.

I now have goals set for myself and a path to accomplish them. I am very grateful for the opportunity APDS has provided. It has been wonderful so far.

APDS Student


APDS has given me a renewed and improved confidence within.

I feel that I now have a definitive direction in what I want and expect out of life and myself.

APDS Student

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Featured Case Study

Massachusetts is currently the only state in the country that has committed to personalized education, workforce, and rehabilitation plans for each individual incarcerated in the state’s prisons.

Download the case study to read about how APDS helped MADOC administer the digital and infrastructure implementation required to bring this complex and monumental project to life.