Our Approach

Career-Readiness Platform for All Justice Impacted Individuals to attain a Living Wage Career

Enabling Access

APDS’ platform provides all the capabilities and tools needed for the learner’s success within our curriculum. Unlike our competitors, APDS provides the hardware, software, and administrative support to ensure an ethical approach to these offerings.

  • Tablets and network infrastructure hardware to drive the platform
  • External and Internal Security through Facial Authentication and Network Monitoring
  • Video & Virtual Classroom Capabilities
  • Secured Third-Party SSO Integrations

Engaging & Educating

Not only does APDS platform provides its learners with all of the tools and educational resources needed to succeed, but it goes one step further to ensure the learner can tell the story of their success once released.

  • Educating through Industry Leading Resources: APDS’ partnerships with adult educational providers, enduring skills training providers, organizations dealing with unique personal challenges, and jurisdictions across the country has allowed it to compile the most effective suite of resources for learners’ success.
  • Equipping through Innovative Learner Tracking. Each APDS learner is equipped with a dynamic transcript that showcases their growth over their time with APDS. APDS teaches its learners how to use their transcript ensuring their accomplishments set a foundation for continued growth and providing insights to employers.


Equiping for a Career

APDS can produce career-aligned applicants with all the needed requirements and provide them with the tools and resources to sustain a living-wage job.

  • Enduring Skills
  • Hard Skills
  • Employer Connections

APDS works with strategic partners to identify hiring opportunities and requirements to better pre-qualify learners for these jobs.

  • Jurisdictions
  • Employers
  • Workforce Boards,
  • DOLs
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Industry Partners

Featured Case Study

Massachusetts is currently the only state in the country that has committed to personalized education, workforce, and rehabilitation plans for each individual incarcerated in the state’s prisons.

Download the case study to read about how APDS helped MADOC administer the digital and infrastructure implementation required to bring this complex and monumental project to life.